About Lisa

I have been drawn to understand and honor the unique expression of life that lives within each of us for as long as I can remember.  I have also been intrigued by how the call to know the true Self and the desire to live life with purpose, happiness and ease is a shared and universal desire.  Across my life I have studied and explored Wisdom Traditions across the globe. My formal studies are enhanced by three decades of international travel to sacred spaces as well as decades of practice in Wisdom traditions, including time with teachers and elders of various paths.  I have found a wonderful result of the universal human desire for deeper knowing is that those who have come before us - individually (the mystics) and as a collective (cultural traditions) - have left insights and practices that offer each of us ways to connect with our inner Wisdom.


In my professional life I have worked in hospitals and large institutions as a psychologist, teacher, mentor,  and consultant. My soul's wish is bring my experience, passion, and awe for the human spirit to Wisdoms' Way and work with individuals and groups in a capacity that aligns with the inherent wellness and wholeness within each person. Bringing knowledge, compassion and courage to all I do, it is my heart's desire to engage with others in a way that is both personal and connects us with the collective, allowing the space for exploration, creativity, and integration of shadow and light to find your unique path to awakening the Wisdom within you. 


Wisdoms’ Way is the alchemy of my degree in Comparative Religions and Cultures, doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, Jungian Coaching Certification, E-500 RYT Yoga teacher certification, International Association of Yoga Therapist accreditation, Ashtanga Yoga Apprenticeship, iRest Yoga Nidra Certified teacher, Black Belt in the Nia technique, Reiki level 2 training, formal study and apprenticeship in astrology and tarot, intentional globetrotting, and being a life long practitioner of listening to the Wisdom of Nature.


Working with Lisa and engaging in Jungian coaching has been transformational! I sought out coaching because I was starting my own business and experiencing doubt and fear. Lisa holds a safe space for me to explore deeper shadow aspects of myself, offering tools and ways to shift and integrate these experiences.  I have discovered feelings and patterns of thinking and acting that I did not realize were holding me back.  Bringing them to light allowed me to move forward. I give Lisa a 10/10 rating and highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance to understand themselves better, transform old habits/beliefs or just looking for help in becoming a better human.


I began working with Lisa after my father died.  Being well versed in therapy and other forms of understanding, I wanted to explore a Jungian approach to patterns and aspects of myself that had remained in the shadow. In my deeper dives into self, Lisa has been a shining light. Her ability to nurture a kind, inquisitive movement inward has been immensely rewarding and empowering. I have been able to integrate pieces of myself I had protected deep within.  I feel more myself! I am more free, able to attend to my needs and receive from others.  In addition to Jungian coaching, Lisa holds space for me in many ways, including astrology, tarot, Mindfulness and Compassion classes and yoga. I am profoundly grateful for Lisa’s abilities, insights, kindness, and expertise.


I have been studying and working in astrology and tarot for over 20 years and I am happy to give Lisa my strongest endorsement. I feel that Lisa brings a unique combination of intuition, perception, clear communication, counseling knowledge and a warm  presence to her work in the metaphysical arena. I have also benefitted from the clarity, compassion and intuition Lisa brings to Integrative Coaching.  I had been feeling stuck and frustrated with some major life decisions.  Lisa helped me access feelings and perspective that were outside of my awareness.  I was shocked, in a good way! Becoming aware of what was in the unconscious let me shift my perspective and greatly lessened my stress.