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Coming Soon in January 2024!

Delve into the unique benefits of Wisdoms' Way Courses and Workshops, where your personal and professional needs are met with both research inspired curriculum and customized, flexible learning opportunities. As a seasoned practitioner with a rich background in clinical psychology, meditation, yoga asana and philosophy, and program development, I offer a blend of academic knowledge and wisdom traditions from around the globe and craft courses that fit your unique goals and requirements. Whether you are interested in a course for personal self-awareness and growth or looking to gain insights and skills to enhance your professional work or workplace, I create courses and workshops that will empower your practice and enhance your wellness offerings. Drawing from a diverse set of influences—including mindfulness and other forms of meditation, compassion-based principles, movement arts and their philosophies, and behavioral enhancement techniques—Wisdoms' Way courses and workshops offer you practical and applicable tools and give space for you to discover how those tools work for you!

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What To Expect

  • COMING SOON in January 2024! * Pre-recorded courses on Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Self Compassion, Buddhist Philosophy for Daily Living and Awakening the Wisdom Within You! Check back to start the New Year off with intention OR reach out via email and I'll send you a personal email when courses are launched!

  • * ACCEPTING ENROLLEMENT for January 2024 live course Inner Oracle, methods and practice to connect with your inner guide for greater authenticity, joy, peace and personal empowerment. This will be a small group for a personalized and intimate experience. Please email to reserve your spot! Classes will be held Sunday evenings at 5 pm EST.

  • Research supported courses such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and iRest Yoga Nidra.

  • Seasonal courses and workshops to aligning with natural phenomena cultivating a personal connection with nature's time and cycles. Courses and workshops invite "whole being" learning to include creativity, imagery, intention setting, movement and ritual.

  • Free consultation call to explore having Wisdoms' Way create a course or workshop to meet the unique needs of your group of workplace.


Wisdoms' Way courses and workshops are held on-line on Zoom.

Yes, because courses and workshops are virtual they can be taken anywhere. It is important, however, that the space you are in given a sense of being sacred, limiting distraction and allowing you to be fully present for yourself and the experience. This will support learning from a place of presence and with your full being. Often we multi-task and divide attention. This might allow us to take in understanding at the level of the thinking mind, but not necessarily allow us to learn fully - body, heart, mind and spirit.

Personalized courses and workshops can be offered live or recorded to meet the needs of the group or organization.

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