Astrological Readings

Astrology at Wisdoms’ Way is a means of connecting and consulting with factors beyond the limits of our conventional perceptions. Readings integrate a deep understanding of archetypes and the symbolic and energetic essence of individual aspects of the reading to provide the client a mirror for reflection and creative ways to respond to what is present in one's life. Astrology offers a celestial perspective on our personal tendencies, ways of being and relating, and areas of ease and challenge that can give us an inspired attitude toward our life and how to navigate life's wonders and challenges. A reading can serve as a celestial compass, guiding us through life's journey and offering profound insights into our purpose and potential, further illuminating your pathway to self-discovery. With this tool, we can experience more agency and develop a more compassionate relationship with all aspects of ourselves.

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What To Expect

  • Wisdoms' Way provides readings individually and as part of Integrative Coaching.

  • Readings can be offered as a consultation for healing professional such as counselors and therapist looking to provide guidance to their patients. With the patient's interest and consent, natal chart and transit readings can give insights and shifts in perceiving self and relationship that can create movement in therapeutic work.

  • Astrological chart readings begin with a free consultation call to determine the level of detail and depth desired. Readings can be between 1 and 2 hours in length.


Knowledge of astrology is not necessary for a reading. My approach to readings includes providing education about the system and allows the space for questions and clarification as fits the client's preferences.

Astrology is an offering at Wisdoms' Way and clients do not have to choose to experience a reading. While some may see this tool as prophetic or deterministic, my approach to this metaphysical pathway is to consult with it as a tool, lens of understanding, way to open up awareness and expand perspectives. I believe strongly that our lives are a co-creation of factors within and outside of our control. The more we understand and the clearer we see, the more empowered we are to make informed choices and take skillful action.

The first step is to assess if your client is interested and open to a reading to ensure it is their choice. Your client then would reach out for a free consultation call. The reading and its finding would be the property of the client to share as they see fit or not.

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