Integrative Soul Coaching

Engage in the transformative journey of Integrative Soul Coaching at Wisdoms’ Way. As a certified coach with specialized training in a Jungian approach, Integrative Soul Coaching is rooted in the spirit of Anam Cara, or 'soul friend', a foundational belief in coming together as equals to help you connect with your innate Wisdom and potential. The coaching relationship provides a sacred space dedicated to exploring what truly matters to you and awakening the Wisdom that lies within. This immersive process utilizes an array of pathways—including meditation, dreamwork, active imagination and creatively examining dynamics and patterns at play within the psyche and in relationships. Clients can also choose to incorporate astrology with natal, solar return, and transit chart readings. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, and those around us, is to know our truth and move in the world from the ground of our inner Wisdom.

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What To Expect

  • The coaching process begins with a free consultation call to see if my approach meets your needs.

  • Sessions are about one hour in length. Packages at discounted rates are available.

  • Coaching can involve incorporate meditation, imagination, dream work, psychological and behavioral principles, creativity, nature, movement, astrology and tarot.

  • Depending on your needs, coaching will last 6-8 sessions. Once a coaching relationship is established, a follow up coaching sessions can also be a place to "touch-in" on your evolving journey in life.


Integrative Coaching is a one-on-one relationship to explore your self’s path, address stuckness, mobilize your potential and change patterns thought incorporating influences from all sources that inspire Wisdoms’ Way. To learn more about sources that inspire Wisdoms' Way read the "Meet the Logo" page.

Carl Jung was an influential psychiatrist who believed the life's work is to become who you truly are and from there we experience wellbeing, agency, and fulfillment. Jungian work involves making space for all of who we are; the conditioned self of the ego and the true self, or deeper truth of the soul. Jungian coaching engages the conscious and unconscious, the light and shadow, the individual psyche and the insights from shared human experience through archetypes and the collective unconscious. "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes" - Carl Jung

A free consultation call is the first step in exploring coaching. This call will allow us to get to know each other a bit and will involve a short intake which let's us look at what is bringing you to coaching. This will let us see if we feel my approach and what is present for you are a good fit.

Coaching differs from therapy in that coaching focuses on the present and future, possibilities and change, empowerment and fuller vitality where the client is known to have the inner resources to integrate the work. At Wisdoms' Way, the coaching relationship is like having a midwife for the voice of your true Self. In contrast, therapy is a treatment approach that focuses on mental health, diagnosis, symptom reduction, and processing the past, where the therapist role is to help "cure" the patient.

Integrative coaching is the most individualized and therefore most intimate way to work together, though it is not always the right fit or the right time. In fact, sometimes taking a course is a great way to start or even receiving a natal astrology chart. Taking a course or having a chart reading can begin to open up curiosity and a different way of seeing and relating to things that may pave a road to coaching or may be enough on its own for any given point in one's live.

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