Awakening Wisdom

Wisdoms' Way offerings meet you where you are and support you on the journey of where you want to be, connecting you with inner truth, wisdom, potential and uniqueness of life living through you.

Integrative Soul Coaching

Engage in the transformative journey of Integrative Soul Coaching at Wisdoms’ Way. As a certified coach with specialized training in a Jungian approach, Integrative Soul Coaching is rooted in the spirit of Anam Cara, or 'soul friend', a foundational belief in coming together as equals to help you connect with your innate Wisdom and potential. The coaching relationship provides a sacred space dedicated to exploring what truly matters to you and awakening the Wisdom that lies within. This immersive process utilizes an array of pathways—including meditation, dreamwork, active imagination and creatively examining dynamics and patterns at play within the psyche and in relationships. Clients can also choose to incorporate astrology with natal, solar return, and transit chart readings. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, and those around us, is to know our truth and move in the world from the ground of our inner Wisdom.

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Courses & Workshops

Coming Soon in January 2024!

Delve into the unique benefits of Wisdoms' Way Courses and Workshops, where your personal and professional needs are met with both research inspired curriculum and customized, flexible learning opportunities. As a seasoned practitioner with a rich background in clinical psychology, meditation, yoga asana and philosophy, and program development, I offer a blend of academic knowledge and wisdom traditions from around the globe and craft courses that fit your unique goals and requirements. Whether you are interested in a course for personal self-awareness and growth or looking to gain insights and skills to enhance your professional work or workplace, I create courses and workshops that will empower your practice and enhance your wellness offerings. Drawing from a diverse set of influences—including mindfulness and other forms of meditation, compassion-based principles, movement arts and their philosophies, and behavioral enhancement techniques—Wisdoms' Way courses and workshops offer you practical and applicable tools and give space for you to discover how those tools work for you!

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Astrological Readings

Astrology at Wisdoms’ Way is a means of connecting and consulting with factors beyond the limits of our conventional perceptions. Readings integrate a deep understanding of archetypes and the symbolic and energetic essence of individual aspects of the reading to provide the client a mirror for reflection and creative ways to respond to what is present in one's life. Astrology offers a celestial perspective on our personal tendencies, ways of being and relating, and areas of ease and challenge that can give us an inspired attitude toward our life and how to navigate life's wonders and challenges. A reading can serve as a celestial compass, guiding us through life's journey and offering profound insights into our purpose and potential, further illuminating your pathway to self-discovery. With this tool, we can experience more agency and develop a more compassionate relationship with all aspects of ourselves.

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